Painting with Camera

At every bus shed, in our mobiles, in the subway, in the fashion magazine, in Dagens Nyheter (Daily News), in your Facebook profile; The photograph is now an obvious tool to reflect moments of our reality.

The camera’s mechanism and purpose to capture what we can only see with our eyes has given it uncompromisingly; reputated as the most realistic and objectively linked tool. And while the technology continued to evolve, we learned to utilize the camera’s connection by manipulating our image of reality [,exploring the reality of images].

What defines if an image is real or not? Young Photographers in Sweden take the challenge of painting with the camera. Photographs filled with movements, colors and feelings captured by the young generation’s gaze. A visual discussion about the camera’s objectively marked relation to reality and how the tool’s purpose can be expanded. Young people who share their expressions in non-figurative and abstract form, using long shutter speeds and movements in the subject or camera.